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Welcome to the Fat Chicks On Bikes. It's a shocking title isn't it? Who would ever call themselves a Fat Chick? Well, we are! It's not because we woke up one more and said let's be Fat Chicks. It's because we woke up one morning and said let's be HAPPY with who we are and enjoy this wonderful life. So we are! And oh yes we happen to be fat chicks who love to ride our bikes.

We built this community to start sharing our tips on how to be happy fat chicks on bikes with our friends and other Athena sized athletes. Please share this site with your friends who might find value from our shared wisdoms and friendship and if they're not fat chicks on bikes, you can invite them two if they would enjoy our community. We do ask that you support our organization through regular participation in activities.

We are always looking for new members. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by.
Our doors are always open.

Fat Chicks on Bikes
Orlando, Florida